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Dipole crossing vertical?

May 2nd 2014, 00:01


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I have a DX Engineering vertical antenna with ground radials that works well on the higher bands, but I need a wire dipole for frequencies below 3 MHz (I'm in MARS). Would it cause coupling problems if I used the vertical to support the center feed of a wire dipole? The dipole would be at right angles to the vertical, and the twin lead that I use as feed to the tuner inside the shack would also be at right angles to the vertical. I would not use both antennas at the same time. Thanks for any advice.
May 2nd 2014, 18:43


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Properly oriented, the vertical will have minimal interaction to the dipole. It is much harder to eliminate interaction from the dipole to the vertical But, it may not matter if you use an autotuner on the vertical to compensate for any impedance variations.

We recently published
Dipole Atop a Vertical
October 2013 QST pp 30-35 by Frank N7FF

The author ran the dipole feedline through the vertical and switched both the center conductor and shield with a DPDT relay.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

May 5th 2014, 01:37


Joined: Apr 7th 2012, 19:22
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I'll look at that; thanks.

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