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Mast Gounding

Jun 4th 2014, 12:45


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I am planning to put a Diamond D130 discone on the roof, supported by a tripod and a 6' black iron pipe. The question here is mast grounding. The location is not anywhere close to the house grounding rod. Would it be OK to ground to the cleanout cap of the sewer line? The line is cast iron, buried, and runs under the ground 30' to the septic tank. The cap is exposed and it would be relatively easy to drill a small hole into the cap, which is just about directly under the antenna near the house foundation.
Jun 4th 2014, 18:58


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The NEC defines what is a ground electrode and a sewer pipe is not listed. The proper way would be to install a ground rod. The NEC also requires that ALL ground electrodes be connected to the main house electrical ground electrode as described below in Section 810.21 (J):

810.21 (J) Bonding of electrodes. If a ground rod is installed to serve as the ground for the radio and television equipment, you must connect it to the power grounding electrode system with a minimum 6 AWG conductor. The bonding of separate system electrodes reduces voltage differences that may develop between them.

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