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HF RF Tripping Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI's)

Oct 25th 2019, 09:06


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I'm having the same issue. My house was built in 2014 with Eaton AFCI breakers. During my first HF contact on 20m, I tripped five breakers in my house, as well as a number of breakers in two adjacent homes. I've contact Eaton customer service, as well as the two contacts listed in the article. Waiting for a reply...
Oct 28th 2019, 14:44


Joined: May 8th 2019, 13:46
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I've gotten a reply back to my email from Bob Handick at Eaton:

Eaton will provide replacement breakers as needed for cases involving HAM radio. If you would like to receive replacement breakers, please provide shipping information.

I'm making arrangements with them to ship replacement breakers. Apparently they do not contract with an electrician to replace them, but at least provide the materials.
May 2nd 2021, 12:53


Joined: Jun 9th 2020, 19:38
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I have a house built in 2015 with Eaton AFCI breakers. I had no problems until I installed a ground plane vertical antenna for 40 m. Previously, I used only dipoles. On first key down with 75 W CW, a breaker tripped. I paid an electrician to replace that breaker with a 2019 Eaton AFCI breaker. The new breaker does not trip and I thought my problem was solved. Not so. Other Eaton AFCI breakers tripped after a short period of operating (75 W, CW). It is clear that Eaton has manufactured breakers that do not meet UL standards which specify tolerance to radio emissions. I contacted Eaton and asked if they have a a program to address this problem but have not yet received a reply.
May 3rd 2021, 14:35


Super Moderator

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If the problem involves an Eaton breaker,
e-mail Eaton’s Technical Resource
Center at, or call
1-800-326-9513. To their credit, Eaton
has been replacing the problematic
AFCI’s with the newer models to correct RFI issues September 2017 QST
Jul 13th 2023, 23:19


Joined: Dec 21st 2020, 16:29
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Has anyone had experience with GE AFCI breakers. All of this discussion thread focused on EATON breakers. I moved into a home built in 2010 and it has GE breakers which keep tripping and I am confused as to how to fix the issue, without replacing all the breakers with something that is assured to work.

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