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FLDigi Macros

Jun 25th 2014, 18:56


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I want to put Win 7 in as my operating system in the BRAG macro. I delete the preloaded Linus and put Win 7 in place but it does not survive if I shut down.
Jun 26th 2014, 13:04


Super Moderator

Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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In a another thread KB1YVR posted

Well thanks to Martin AA6E, it appears that the mystery is solved, although not in the way I expected. In preparation to delete and reload Fldigi I began taking screen shots of all of the Operator Config menus to ensure proper set up.

Low and behold, in the Op Config/UI/Macros menu I noticed that the "Load last used macros on file start up" option was not checked. So before going to the trouble of deleting and reloading I selected that option, saved the file, then closed and re-opened Fldigi. Voila! Problem solved.

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