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psk31 with HRD(DM780) and IC7410

Aug 20th 2014, 02:25


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I must be missing something. Using USB only. I have done driver and uupdate said not needed. I have connect with HRD, TX button on Radio panel works. When I select call CQ I get PTT into TX on radio but I do not have audio into Radio in TX i.e. no power out to antenna. CQ trace shows on waterfall, receive is good, radio control all works. Just can't TX in PSK31(only mode tried). But I repeat I do get TX light on transceiver and trace on waterfall but no transmitted power.
Aug 20th 2014, 15:20


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You are almost there.
You are missing the audio from the computer to the radio.

You may need to adjust a volume control on the computer.

Alternately, there may be a problem with the cable and/or interface between the computer and the radio.

It could also be that the default audio output device selected by the computer is wrong--you may need to choose the audio output device connected to the radio.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

Aug 21st 2014, 12:55


Joined: Aug 20th 2014, 02:10
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Thanks Zack for the answer. You are right on what I am missing i.e. audio from computer to radio. I will go over it again, I thought I had covered those bases but will recheck. I am using USB only cable for interface. I works everything else. I have used an external USB audio card and my old IC707 with homebrew rascal type interface on this computer and it works. The built in sound card in the HP/Win7 computer will not work. The sound card built in the IC7410 does all but TX audio. I will go over all again Thanks Dave KR4YD

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