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Resonance of TV Antenna?

Sep 5th 2014, 21:40


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I recently built the "McClapp 4" TV Antenna from these instructions: and hooked it up to my living room TV to improve my reception.

I have recently noticed that my HT has been getting interference around 147.210 MHz when it is scanning through memory, causing it to stop scanning there, but mostly when I am in the living room. Unfortunately, that's the frequency of a local repeater, so it is annoying that it always opens up the channel on my HT.

Today I took my HT around the room listening for where it was strongest, turning off the other electronics in the area to eliminate them, and it seems strongest when I place it near the coax and antenna itself. It seems to quiet out the static and I don't hear any other interference. Am I on the right track, could this passive antenna be causing this? I have unhooked the coax from the TV, thinking maybe something in the TV was feeding back to the antenna and it still happens.

The only other change I've made recently is putting the stock rubber antenna back on the HT, because I took the longer one off to use in the HT I keep in my car. I will do further testing using that other radio and antenna in different combinations, but I thought it was strange that the TV antenna seemed to be the source when it wasn't connected to anything and is unpowered.
Sep 5th 2014, 21:50


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I'd check if there is radiation from a nearby CABLE T V line near your property. I had that experience here (PHX) and when I walked around the home area I found a strong signal near the back of my property. The signal was being picked up by THE TV ANTENNA on my house.\Called the cable company told the repair person where the interferring signal appeared to be coming from. He used his equipment to find the leak and fix it.
(Old coax and connector on the cable system) It's worth a try!

73 gud luk

Sep 5th 2014, 22:36


Joined: Aug 13th 2014, 13:43
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My cable modem is about 1 foot under the antenna, so that may explain it. I'll look into that further, I may be able to disconnect the cable where it comes into the house and see if the problem goes away, or move the modem further away.


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