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Follow-Up to Wilderness Protocol

Sep 14th 2014, 13:02


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This last Saturday (09/13/2014) I attended several meetings and at the end came away with the feeling not much is known about Wilderness Protocol. Using Wilderness Protocol in ARRL word search will turn up several articles posted with in the ARRL data based. To sum things up the Wilderness Protocol is a suggestion for Amateur Radio Operators outside of repeater range to monitor or use standard simplex channels at specific times in case emergencies or other urgent calls. This protocol plan was developed to assist with contacts between Amateur Radio Operators that were traveling in uninhabited areas and outside repeater range.

While here are several frequencies I expect the most common to be heard will be 146.520 MHz or 446.00 MHz. The other frequencies are 1.25 meters (223.5), 6 meter (52.525) and 23cm (1294.50). In addition there are amateur radio wilderness protocol monitoring times at the top of the hour, for example monitor 1:00 am to 1:05 am. A very good listing of wilderness protocol monitoring times can be seen along with other protocol info at

Since I have a dual-channel Yaesu FT-8900 I monitor 146.520 100% of the time and use the other channel for making contacts (QSL) when I'm playing in the Mojave Desert, CA. When I stop for the night I have Kenwood handheld TH-F6 tri-band dual channel radio that allows me to monitor during the evening hours.

The Wilderness Protocol should not be viewed as something just for hikers, off-roads, or prospectors it is available for use by everyone anywhere repeater coverage is unavailable. The protocol only becomes effective when folks put it to use.

Now the driver behind my question "What is the current Wilderness Protocol status?" are the stories I seen posted on the internet about possible changes to the Wilderness Protocol. I was hoping someone had some insight to these possible changes we need to be aware of.

Cheers, Beers, & Gold
Nov 2nd 2014, 22:24


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Any group that travels further then the repeater talks is subject to what ever loss of communications they have, if all they have is a UHF or VHF radio.
Even in the Grand Canyon - there are places where you can access the FM repeaters.
Your best bet however is to study, get a General Class License, and buy yourself an HF radio and antenna.
You can always find someone somewhere on HF...
Sep 23rd 2020, 17:24


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The Wilderness Protocol used to be in the front of the ARRL Repeater Directory. However, I noticed in the 2020 Directory this has been removed. Anybody know why?
Oct 8th 2021, 12:33


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This thread is a year old, but important. Does anybody know the answer? Is the wilderness protocol printed in the current year's repeater directory for 2021?

NY2X (originally from a city so nice, they had to name it twice)

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