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Yaseu FT 102

Sep 14th 2014, 20:44


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Hi everyone.
I work with a fellow who heard I was in Ham Radio and told me his father has a shack and had lost interest in and was looking to sell off his equipment.
After contacting him I went over and seen what he had for sale.
He has a complete FT 102 set up that includes the transceiver, VFO, Speaker and Antenna Tuner all matched components to the FT 102.
This radio has not been modified or tampered with and dose not have the AM board.
It has not been used in 10 years.
When we tested it, the radio fired right up and functioned perfectly.
I have already purchased his 40 foot tilt Tower with rotor and Hustler 4 element beam with all cables for a good price.
I have heard many good things about this radio and from what I gather many people hold the opinion that this was one of Yaseu best radios made? Also heard some of the negatives! Like the relay problems it had?
My question, he is asking $750 for the FT 102 set up?
I am thinking it is a little high for it?
Could use some thoughts and opinions on it? What do you think?
One more question, if I end up with this radio I have heard much about having this radio Malcolmized! Dose anyone know if Malcolm still works on these rigs and how one might get in touch with him if he dose?

Sep 16th 2014, 13:35


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Malcolm NC4L has contact and bio information here

Zack Lau W1VT
Sep 8th 2015, 01:50


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Sir, I had one in pristine condition, original owner, Yes relays get dirty, but a minor issue. There is a fellow who specializes in replacing them.
I was lucky to get 200 bucks. I am sorry I sold it. I was relocating and
space was an issue. 750.00 is way out of line.... and I can say this since I loved mine and only got 200 bucks..MINT.. no scratches, no smoking...perfect condition. Wait until the stock market crashes. Remember it has tubes in it.... better stock up on them if you purchase the 102 since I have some other gear that is now boat angers since tubes are unavailable. K9Bw

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