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ITU 2 phone below the band plan?

Oct 23rd 2014, 04:01


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Not sure which forum this belongs in, so please move it if it belongs elsewhere.

Amateur Extras have 7.000 - 7.300 in ITU 2, but the band plan says that phone belongs from 7.125 - 7.300... There are mentions that the band plan is voluntary, etc, etc.

Its not often that I hear distant stations on 40m in Indiana, but today I did hear a lot of chatter from 7.080 - 7.110 on LSB phone.

Is it acceptable to try to make contact, or is the band plan considered "best practices" and because of that, you cannot try to make contact with that station?

Oct 27th 2014, 15:16


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The US phone band is 7.125 to 7.300 MHz, period. However, other countries in ITU 2 are allowed to operate on lower frequencies than we can. Canadian Amateurs can do so, for example; they can be heard regularly on 7.060 to 7.090, or so. You cannot QSO with them using phone, unless the other station is operating "split" (listening somewhere in the US phone band). You could always call them using CW :)
Oct 28th 2014, 14:56


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When you see a "band plan", you need to realize that some sub-bands are legally established -- in the FCC regs in the USA. The low end of most HF bands is reserved for CW and Data modes by regulation, for one thing. Different license classes have somewhat different band rules, too. The rest of the band plan is voluntary, such as the PSK31 "band" at 14.070 MHz and various calling frequencies for QRP, AM, etc.

73 Martin AA6E

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