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Disband MAR section from all contests in favour of NS, NB, PEI

Disband MAR section from all contests in favour of NS, NB, PEI
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Oct 29th 2014, 10:45


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A group of us contesters here in the "MAR" section feel the time has come to announce the end of the MAR section in not only ARRL contests but all contests. When our Department of Communications (now Industry Canada) granted us separate prefixes for New Brunswick (VE9), Nova Scotia (VE1) and Prince Edward Island (VY2), they recognized they we were distinct Provinces with enough Amateur Radio operators to support a distinct call sign. And as multipliers go, why wouldn't you want to have three new districts to work when multiplied by six bands you have a substantial increase in your scores.
We have tried to weigh the pros and cons, the only con would be the contest software not keeping up with the change or the operator not downloading the newest version, but do we wait forever? Ontario (VE3) lead the way with their divisional split, now it's time for the Maritimes to be recognized as NS, NB and PEI
Thank-you, Al VA1MM/ VE1AWP (NS) Maritime Contest Club Member
Oct 29th 2014, 19:05


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Message forwarded to ARRL Staff.

Thank you.
Oct 29th 2014, 23:23


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Mike VE9AA asked me to post this:

VE9AA, Mike says:
I’ve been moaning and groaning about this very thing for years and years. SOME ARRL contests force us to send MAR (a very antiquated section) and some permit us to send NB, NS and PEI (the provinces where we are)
Meanwhile, places like Ontario recently get 4 (count them) FOUR sections? What the??? Do we not exist out here or what????
What if we were to combine RI, DE and ME? Who in W1 would go for that section>? \RIDEME\
Prior to 1993, all NB, NS and PEI’s were VE1’s…….*BUT*, News Flash> In 1993 us “VE1’s” all got NEW distinct callsign prefixes
ie: NB=VE9, NS=VE1 and PEI=VY2…….there are very few left that kept their original VE1 calls in NB or PEI. (the NS guys got to keep their VE1’s)…….
We are distinct provinces, (have been for eons.) just as Maine, Rhode Island and Delaware are. Maybe it made sense in the old days or whatever to have us as one section as there are fewer hams here (and we were all VE1’s) , but I think you’ll see as a fellow member of MCC also, that we are well represented these days. As a point of interest, there are so many VE1’s that they also have a VA1 prefix to choose from. If it’s based on activity (I know it’s not) there are certainly ARRL and RAC sections with less activity than NB, NS and PEI.
Even in the RAC contests we send “NB,NS and PE” so saying you “follow RAC” does not hold water, nor does it even make sense 2+ decades later.
I normally try to boycott most contests that force us to send “MAR” as a silent protest. Probably nobody notices but there are others like me out here.
Get with the times ARRL, CQP and a very select few others.
I don’t know who’s attention we need to get, but help us out. Rattle some chains. Send emails to those you know,
“RAC” is not contest oriented. Why we have to follow that structure (but only for some contests) is beyond me !?!?
Mike VE9AA (proudly in NB)
Mike, Coreen & Corey
Keswick Ridge, NB

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