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Recommendations for HF antenna/tuner for a newbie

Nov 19th 2014, 19:18


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I recently got a Technician License and am considering purchasing a IC 7200 to get into DXing. I live in an area with an HOA so I'm focused on a vertical multi-band antenna (deck mounted) like the MFJ 1797 and a LDG IT100 tuner. I'd really appreciate any recommendations from more experienced hams for an antenna/tuner of if I'm headed in the right direction.

Nov 19th 2014, 21:44


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If you are in a HOA, it is best to either get permission to put up an antenna or put up a display of the American Flag which is also used as antenna. Either will put you on sound legal footing--the Freedom to Display the American Flag act of 2006 is a law passed by Congress and signed by President Bush.

Zack W1VT

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