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RFI Induced Router failure

Jan 2nd 2015, 23:30


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Has anyone had experience with RF induced wireless router failure?

Our third ASUS router has failed in the same manner, this time within 5 minutes of installation using 20 watts of power on 18 mhz.

Each time, both the wall wart and the router have failed. This last time we were testing after installing a battery back up system that includes both power and computer line conditioning.

Nothing else in the house is affected. The antenna is a SteppIR mounted on the roof well away form the computer wiring.

Any thoughts on this, or the optimal way to protect the router from this type of failure?

In each case, I've reverted to the old router, works FB when running a kw, so I'm sure this ASUS router is uniquely susceptible under my particular circumstances.

Thanks< Scott ka9p
Nov 23rd 2015, 11:40


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It's a good idea to plug in your wifi router to a UPS as it will line condition/filter. I learned that the hard way when the Nordic Trak shares the same power line. ;)

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