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HW101 Xmit set-up

Mar 22nd 2015, 18:50


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I have an HW101 that I purchased in 2014. It had just been serviced by RTO. So far I have only used it on receive but my main rig is out for repair so I thought I'd give the old rig a try.

I am getting the desired 50ma. of plate current (steps 1-4 under "Transmitter Section Initial tune up") with radio connected to a dummy load.

Now I'm stuck. At step 7 with the meter in "REL PWR" I'm supposed to be able to get a meter indication by rotating the "MIC/CW level colockwise. Manual doesn't say with Mode sw. in "TUNE" but tried that briefly as well. No luck. Meter doesn't budge.

Looking for suggestions.

Mar 24th 2015, 01:51


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I assume you are keying the transmitter at step 7?
Mar 25th 2015, 18:31


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I own an HW-101. I have it here in my office.

1. in receive mode (SSB), adjust the Driver/Preselector for maximum hiss in the speaker.
2 Place Meter switch to "REL PWR"
3. Set the "Load" (lever) control at minimum (three o'clock)
4. Place 'mode" knob to "Tune"
5. Rotate plate knob for maximum relative power.
6. Advance Load control and adjust plate knob to increase power output.
7. While still in the Tune position, readjust the driver control for peak relative power output. Touch up load and plate controls again.
8. Move Mode knob to the appropriate SSB mode.
9. On the meter switch, switch to "ALC"
10. Adjust the microphone gain so the meter moves off the pin rest a little bit on voice peaks.

Note: Do steps 4-7 quickly. Do not tune continuously for more than 10 to 15 seconds. If the maximum power is not reached, switch off the Tune Position for 30 seconds, then resume tuning. Once you're familiar with it, tuning up goes quickly.

Note: Make sure you use a dummy load when tuning up. This not only eliminates interference to others, but it gives your transmitter a 50 Ohm load. Once tuned, you can then switch to an antenna tuner and tune that. If you try to tune up into an un-tuned antenna, you will be tuning the rig, the antenna, the'll be chasing tuning forever. Use a dummy load first.

It is best to run your 40 to 50 year old rig below the maximum power it can put out. I run mine at 80 Watts on 80, 40 and 20 meters. On 10 meters, the output is typically around 50 to 60 Watts.

Bob Allison, WB1GCM
ARRL Senior Test Engineer

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