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Spacing Yellow Jacket 2M Quad above G5RV?

Aug 15th 2011, 17:33


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Richard asks:

I have a Cubex 'yellowjacket' 2 meter antenna and a G5RV antenna. I would like to put the cubex up 30 ft on top of a mast and the G5RV below it in a inverted V

It should work just fine. I'd suggest putting the center of the Quad at least 51 inches above the G5RV wires based on a simple antenna aperture model you can find on GM3SEK's web page for stacking antennas.

51 inches when I am only 25 or so feet up is alot where is the point of where it makes a large difference. I as with most Hams have a room problem.

Anyone have good results with close spacing a Cubex 2M Quad above a G5RV? Zack Lau W1VT

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