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MFJ-9420 / MFJ-9440 ? Or other QRP rig suggestion!

May 1st 2015, 15:04


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I'm tossing over putting together an easily transportable set up to take to the beach on vacation and otherwise outdoors. Like a lot of other things in this hobby, what I'd "like" to have and what my budget will allow are frequently two completely different things.

With that being said, I was looking/thinking about one of the MFJ travel radios for SSB, coupled with an LNR End Fed antenna and related power source, etc. I know some folks like to slam MFJ products, but they are more in line with what I can handle moneywise. So I'd like to know some reactions to this possible set up. Pluses, minuses, etc. Suggestions for alternatives, etc.

Eventually, I'd like to grow this project to include solar power, etc., but that's down the road.

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