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CW ID necessary?

May 14th 2015, 14:32


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Fldigi offers the option of CW ID, but this adds overhead to each transmission. When running an ARES directed net, we generally use MT-63 and our call signs are a part of each transmission in that mode.

My question is whether the CW ID is still required. FCC Part 97 says that ID may be made by "a RTTY emission using a specified digital code when all or part of the communications are transmitted by a RTTY or data emission."

We seldom use RTTY Baudot. Does transmission of the call sign in another data emission, such as MT-63, satisfy the ID requirements?
Jul 14th 2015, 15:43


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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My understanding of the rule 97.119 is that yes, it does satisfy the rules.

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