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HF Interference on 15/17m

Jun 12th 2015, 20:01


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I'm using an older Ten-Tec Delta II rig which was checked at the factory before use. For some time now, I have been receiving noticeable interference only on the 15 and 17 meter bands. The interference is a blanking one where SSB signals are so distorted I am unable to understand them or complete a QSO. It isn't power line noise as I'm not near any lines and it's not a popping sound. Sometimes the interference is gone and I can use the bands, so I can't pinpoint any times. It's usually present. I have no wall warts or anything generating RFI near the rig. Any help here? I did not have this problem last year when I set up the rig but I don't know what has changed.

Ron Fish, KX1W

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