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Impedance match

Jul 3rd 2015, 20:18


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I inherited a YAESU 1000mp transceiver and have my old headset from military days. I want to use the headset on the 1000MP. Mic impedance on the 1000MP is 500 to 600 ohms and audio output is 4 to 8 ohms.
The headset data I retrieved shows mic impedance of 4 to 6 ohms and earphone of 19 plus or minus 2 ohms.
Would appreciate any info on what I need to match the headset to the 1000MP
Wes Werling
Jul 4th 2015, 01:44


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Apr 2010 - QST (Pg. 65)
Adapting Aviation Headsets to Ham Radios
(Hints and Kinks)
Author: Raydo, John, K0IZ
Jul 2003 - QST (Pg. 59)
Aviation Headsets with Amateur Radio Equipment
(Hints and Kinks)
Author: Haynes, Jim, W6JVE
Dec 2003 - QST (Pg. 57)
More on Aviation Headsets (July 2003)
(Hints and Kinks)
Author: Blevins, Ken, K5ALQ

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