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June VHF Contest

Jul 10th 2015, 16:20


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I would suggest the June VHF contest be moved to the 3rd weekend of June to be closer to the peak of the Sporadic E's season. Tradition is fine but common sense says this would raise the odds of having openings. Thanks, Jim W7OUU
Jul 22nd 2015, 12:52


Joined: Mar 1st 2011, 09:28
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You can't predict when there is going to be a band opening.
The past several weeks is a very good example.
During the week, the band has opened up on 6 meters during the week and then closed again on the weekends due to Geomagnetic storms and Solar Flares / CME etc...
Maybe if the contest was a week long affair you would have more opportunities to operate.
The way the bands have been recently, they have opened up to Florida on such a regular basis that the people in Florida have been using 6 like 2 Meters FM.
It is very discouraging to spend 15 minutes waiting to make 1 contact for 1 grid square, and have the operator talk to one person and then sign off.
We have so few Elmer's out there that the new operators doesn't understand that for most people, 6 meters doesn't open up every day and that there is people out there patiently waiting to work them. Or that they shouldn't rag chew in the DX window - especially when the person they are talking with is only a couple of miles away!

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