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Complaints About Product Ads

Oct 22nd 2015, 19:53


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This probably applies to other descriptions an not just ads. I've seen just a much about different modes etc. As a new operator I'm not familiar with all the gadgets out there. You go to look for information and they link you to a product. But then all you get is a list of features, weight, etc. But not a thing about what it really is, what it does, or how I can use it to make my hobby more enjoyable?

I mean it's great if you've heard it from someone else already or someone else used it. But a first time buyer who just saw the device doesn't necessarily have all the information they need to know if it's for them or not. For the most part you can't even search on what you want to do as they don't seem to tell you. For the stuff you didn't know you can do good luck with that.

That's why I've always said never buy books from the writers of software or manufacturers of electronics. They're so deeply involved they leave out the basics. When they used to give you books with software you used the one the producers of the product gave you for last ditch effort on how to use a command. But you ended up buying a book by someone that had already been through the frustration, figured it out, and then explained it in more layman's terms.

Bottom line is if you really want someone interested at least point them to a description of what the product is beyond the name. I want to know how it's used and know that I could use it somewhere.
Oct 24th 2015, 13:19


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Ads in the good old days (50s & 60s when I started out) would sometimes take a whole page to explain new technologies and how to design radios using their components. I remember GE, RCA, Collins, and Eimac.

These days, ads are designed to sell boxes at a profit and not much more.

But the good news is that there are lots of information sources for newcomers: the web, QST and CQ magazines, many introductory books from ARRL and others. There are forums, like this one, where you can ask specific questions and hopefully get good tips. You can check out my little list about online forums.

73 Martin AA6E

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