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Aug 21st 2011, 01:53


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What seems to be the most popular APRS software? I would like to start off in a static/local beacon mode with a laptop, GPS receiver, and mapping software. After I am on firm ground then go mobile. I want to progress in steps. I see a lot postings when I "Google" APRS but little that ties everything together.
Nov 19th 2011, 22:03


Joined: Oct 21st 2011, 18:16
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one of the most used is ui-view with precision mapping that will let you do street level mapping.
Ui-view can be used with AWPE soundcard program for a tnc or a hardware tnc as far as radios goes most 2m radios will work for you/
For a home station you don't need a gps as you can enter your location in to the program

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