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Flash player Making site unusable

Flash player Making site unusable
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Dec 14th 2015, 02:19


Joined: Dec 13th 2015, 23:46
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The utilization of Flash player is ruining the ARRL site for many who do not wish to jeopardize personal security and privacy simply to read a monthly news letter.
May 27th 2016, 20:55


Joined: Jun 13th 2014, 10:37
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+1 on removing Flash content. I have removed Adobe Flash from my computer for security concerns. With HTML5 there is no need for Adobe Flash. I can still view Flash content in Google Chrome, but they recently announced they will discontinue support. Also, I had no idea that by logging in to comment I was voting and my vote as registered is incorrect and there is no way to change it. I would vote for #4, #2 and #1 in that order. Please switch to PDF ASAP for downloadable content (I use FoxIt Reader not anything from Adobe) and choose some other video format for any videos. Thank-you.
May 27th 2016, 21:32


Joined: May 20th 2014, 01:06
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Flash has security holes and is basically an end-of-life product. PDF and DJVU are good formats for e-mag versions of print magazines and today are trivial to generate.
Jun 2nd 2016, 11:32


Joined: Sep 2nd 2003, 12:14
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I use Chrome with the Flashcontrol plug-in, so this is a non-issue for me.

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