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RFI Solution-No Cooperation from Neighbor

Jan 10th 2016, 17:07


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I have a neighbor about a quarter mile from me that has a horse barn on their property. Something in that barn is causing RFI which is synchronous with the power line frequency. It is not the responsibility of the utility. It pretty much blankets the 40 M band from sunset to sunrise. I've approached the owner about getting permission to walk around the property with direction finding equipment to isolate the offending piece of equipment. At this point all I know is the noise is definitely coming from that property (it is about 25 acres in size), but don't know specifically what building or area of the property. I've taken numerous directional bearings using a National HFDF 40M loop and have a good deal of confidence that noise is definitely originating on this property. Now the question, my first contact with the owner was December 22, 2015. The second contact was on January 6, 2016. I left my contact information with the owner so that he could later contact me to arrange an appointment with me to allow me to walk the property with him. Realizing that he has an active horse training business to run on the property, how long should I wait to receive some kind of response from the owner of the property? What would be reasonable? I'm willing to wait a month or so, but ultimately this noise is just turning off 40M for me at night. I've yet to inform him about his responsibility regarding the FCC. I felt that this might not be in the best interest of good negotiating at this point. Any advice from the group would be appreciated. I'm not the type of person to be heavy handed with these kinds of situations. Regards, Karin K3UU
Mar 13th 2016, 03:38


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While it is indeed frustrating to not have resolution on this, I wholly recommend the diplomatic approach you're already using. I'm currently working with a neighbor to resolve a wacky bit of RFI ( seen here ), and the guy couldn't be any nicer...once I got ahold of him. So, keep working at it!

Now, what to do in the meantime? You can still transmit, so what about receive? There are plenty of SDRs on the web that cover 40m. Take a peek around and see if there's one near your QTH. It beats giving up on our beloved hobby, that's for sure.

Stay in the'll work out.

Good luck,
May 6th 2017, 18:37


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could be some kind of electric fence that pulses thru the wires. These are notoriously noisy.

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