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160 meters

Feb 6th 2016, 21:24


Joined: Apr 19th 2009, 19:30
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Does anyone have info on a 2 wavelength long Loop skywire for 160 meters or would be just a waste of wire ??
Feb 7th 2016, 02:54


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Hi, I'm assuming by 'skywire' you mean a horizontal loop.

The thing to think about is the height of the horizontal Loop above the ground. At 1/4 wavelength (20m 67ft ), or less above the ground much of the radiation will NVIS. Good for local contacts ( few 100 Km/miles ) It will need to be at least 1/2 wavelength (40m 132 Ft ) for DX contacts.

At such a low height there will be losses both due to the wire resistance and ground losses.

Just to check, I Googled 2 wavelength Loops and was directed to where some amateurs who have built 2 or more wavelength loops for 160m told of their own experiences.

I use a 40m loop at 12m ( more than a 1/4wavelength) and get good reports for local signals on 40m. When I used an inverted L of 33m (103ft) I get much better DX reports but not so good local.

If you can, try computer modelling the antenna. It should give you some ideas. Also have a look at

best 73's GW0NVN/N1XIH

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