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marine mobile antenna - power boat

Feb 26th 2016, 03:09


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I've operated mm very successfully from a sailboat, but have just switched to a power boat and trying to figure out how to install an hf antenna. The boat is a Maine style lobster boat, 34 ft in length. Of course I have the option of a mobile antenna on the top of the boat, which has a mast structure. But I don't think I can get to an adequate ground point in the hull. I can ground to stainless steel rails that go around the entire boat.
I'm thinking about an end fed antenna - the length from the top of the mast structure to the boat is about 29 ft. I already have a coax from the mast to nav station where I will install an Icom 7100.
Feb 29th 2016, 16:53


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SGC has a HF guide that has lots of information on mounting HF antennas on boats.

Zack W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer
May 3rd 2016, 03:00


Joined: Feb 29th 2016, 08:25
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Ground to a porous phosphor bronze bonding/grounding plate mounted on the hull or transom below the water line. It has huge effective ground surface area because of its' porosity, and seawater makes the best possible counterpoise for a horizontal wire or vertical antenna, far superior to the rail.

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