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Why signal strength?

Mar 7th 2016, 00:03


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I listened to a lot of the contest today but only got a little involved because I am using a remote station and the delay time is too long to make a contact with all the quick triggers out there.
The reason I'm writing this is because the contest requested a signal report and power. Out of listening to a couple of hundred contacts being made, some requesting info more than one time, I only heard one signal report that was not 5-9. If the signal report is so insignificant that everyone gets the same report then why use it?
I've heard this a lot before over the years but today it sounded like a recording from every station I heard.
Any thoughts?
Mar 7th 2016, 13:20


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Agreed that the automatic 599 doesn't mean anything. It's just part of the ritual. Which raises the question, what should be in the ideal contest exchange?

I'd like something that helps confirm your identity and callsign. How about adding a checksum or error-correcting code after your callsign? (There are various ways to calculate one.) Errors copying callsigns are a big nuisance. Your logging software could automatically confirm the call+code as valid -- or even correct some simple errors that you might have copied.

73 Martin AA6E

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