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Mar 26th 2016, 22:11


Joined: Apr 3rd 2015, 13:56
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Please recommend a few reasonably priced radios that would enable me to take advantage of all the US Amateur Radio bands that a Technician has the privileges to use. Thanks KD9DVP
Mar 27th 2016, 06:18


Joined: Mar 6th 2008, 13:50
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I'm sure you already know or should know the following.
You have operating privilege on,
80m CW, 40m CW, 15m CW, 10m CW and SSB in two different portions of the 10m band.
6m , 2m, 1.25m, 70 cm and all bands above in all modes with some power limitations as a technician class in the HF bands and some others you would check out in the rules..
A radio to cover 160m though 70cm not including 1.25m will be at a higher cost to include these bands and all modes for your future General class ticket use.
What is reasonable in cost is up to you.
A Kenwood TS 2000 would fill the bill very nicely with all the features it has.
There are other makes that would offer all the bands but different it total features and power output.
The cost would be in the $1500 range +/-.
Good luck.
Mar 27th 2016, 13:54


Joined: Apr 3rd 2015, 13:56
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Thank you for the information

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