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Discounts for Hamvention?

May 18th 2016, 03:39


Joined: May 8th 2016, 15:11
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Hi All,
New to ham, and am looking for a mobile radio. Joining with the local ARES, so APRS is high on the list.
If I could swing it right now, the ICOM-5100A is on the short list. Something like that is going to be in my truck eventually, just don't know if it will be the first... I have a couple Baofeng BF-F8HP hand helds for now, and they work, so this isn't a need now thing. Defiantly want now... ;)

So, to the question. Are there good sales around the Hamvention or discount codes? Is this the best time to buy, or are other times of the year better? Don't think I can wait till Black Friday, but may have to...
Denny KE0IUC

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