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Foxhunt drones interfering with firefighting

Jun 30th 2016, 23:47


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Is there something we as a community can do to help Forestry firefighting in finding and clearing out drone pilots who are interfering with flight operations?

Do foxhunting methods work on the remote control bands used by drones and RC aircraft? If not, what would we need?

Jul 1st 2016, 16:25


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Most of the RC systems use a direct sequence spread spectrum technique that may make it hard to track if the signals are weak. But, if you get close enough for strong signals the spread spectrum is less of an issue. There are also some frequency hopping spread spectrum systems.

You may want to consult the Academy of Model Aeronautics--their insurance program is necessary to keep many flying fields open--without it liability issues would close the fields.

One approach may be find someone with the skills to direction find the sources using a rotatable Loop Yagi Antenna and a Spectrum Analyzer. As the video shows, you have all sorts of different RC signals, but an expert may be able to identify them, just like some people can easily identify different birds. But to most people, the little brown birds you see in your background are just a little brown birds.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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