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I'm a General Class operator but still in group D.

Aug 10th 2016, 21:07


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I became a Technician Class operator about a year and three months ago, then I upgraded to a General Class operator three months later. However, I'm still in group D despite being a General which renders me unable to apply for a 2X2 vanity call sign I want. I kind of feel like this has to do with me receiving my license while 17 (underage) but I'm not sure. Can anyone please shed some light on this for me?
Aug 11th 2016, 14:59


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When the call signs in any regional-group list are exhausted, the selection is made from the next lower group.

Rather than use up all the group C callsigns by assigning them sequentially, the FCC chose to move to group D. This gives hams like you the opportunity to choose a particular group C call that hasn't been assigned. Many hams like to pick 1x3 calls with their initials. 2x2 vanity calls are still available to hams that upgrade to Extra.

Zack W1VT
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