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End Fed Antennas

Oct 1st 2016, 14:09


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I've been successfully using a G5RV (6 - 80 meters) running in East - West Direction about 40 feet from ground connected to new Icom 7300 with only its internal antenna tuner that seems to work find.

I'd like to run an "end fed" wire antenna in the North to South direction also about 40 feet up with feed point connected to house chimney making sure the wires from G5RV don't cross too close. I see their are Zepp and other types for sale. My hope is to use this to extend my DX coverage.

Any recommendations would be most appreciated.

KC1EWJ in Blackstone, Mass
Oct 17th 2016, 01:36


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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I run a 103' EFLW, a 9:1 UNUN, up about 40'. 40' of RG8AU drop down to a "poor man's choke" and then into the shack to an antenna tuner. It works 80-6M and gets out fairly well. I've tried it with a counterpoise, 45', and then into the shack, but this configuration works better. The coax drop from the 40' high tree end of the long wire probably act like a counterpoise. GL, 73, WB2HLM

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