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Jan 4th 2017, 22:28


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I incorrectly posted this question on the general "technical forum" so I will re-post it here in hopes of proper exposure and reply. My question: Has anyone heard of unusually high numbers of lightning strike claims/allegations to hexbeam antennas (possibly due to the ungrounded reflectors). I personally have NOT heard of any related issues, and a similar "polling" on also revealed no issues thus far. Good news for me because I am about to erect one of these wonderful antennas, but I have this "last minute concern" since I live in Florida. I am not seeking lightning strike prevention or protection suggestions, but simply a "poll" of any who may have become aware of any major numbers of lightning strike occurrences to hexbeam antennas. FOR EXAMPLE: Years ago there were rumors of some popular fiberglass 10/11 meter vertical antennas with ungrounded vertical radiators which ALLEGEDLY had alarming percentages of lightning hits. Thanks/73...
Jul 9th 2021, 11:18


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HI I have not heard much about lightning strikes on Hex beams, I just purchased a 1848 from MFJ and I am having difficulty tuning it.
info on Hex beams is scant at best. Would you be willing to talk with me about how to get mine tuned? I just did a post about my difficulties. I am near Mobile Alabama, so I may be close to you !! Direct email is if you have any ideas or have time to school me? Thanks Larry KC4JPD

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