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New QST Format & Downloading to PC

Jan 6th 2017, 20:16


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The ARRL has been using the NXTbook format since QST first became available as an electronic document. This allowed each month's QST to be downloaded to a PC and read offline using Adobe Air. Starting in Jan 2017, they switched to a new format -- PageSuite. Unfortunately this new scheme precludes downloading QST to a PC. The magazine can still be read offline, but only via Android, iOS, and/or Kindle devices. I vastly prefer viewing QST on a large desktop computer monitor, and I also like to save all my QSTs as an offline reference on my PC.

I called ARRL headquarters and asked about the above, but learned only that they are aware of the problem and ~hope~ that it can be fixed over the next several months. I was told that so far only 45 hams (an amazingly small number!) have contacted the ARRL about PageSuite, I hope others will make their feelings known lest the ARRL comes away thinking their new format is fine in all respects.

73 - John / K3SGB
Jun 20th 2017, 09:13


Joined: Sep 24th 2010, 13:12
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I too, do not like the new QST on-line viewer, so I guess I'm number 46.
It is almost impossible to read the magazine on line, as it takes forever to load. Add this fact to my prior complaints of receiving the printed version in bad shape about one half the time, along with the 25% increase in cost a couple of years ago, forces me to consider ending my membership.

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