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Feb 3rd 2017, 20:31


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I am experiencing intermittent RFI when operating in my Trailer on 75M, particularly while hooked up to :Shore Power". I suspect it is coming from the "Converter/Inverter". The RFI is in the form of a variable pitch squeal that starts out high then goes down in frequency. One thing that eliminates is to simply turn on one of the over-head light's, but it doesn't always work. I have placed clamp-on chocks on all lines at the inverter, on the feed line and power lines close to the transceiver. The Transceiver, itself, is wired directly to the batteries.
I am looking for suggestions on how to eliminate this noise and any suggestions are MOST welcome.
Feb 6th 2017, 20:07


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This page has cures for typical RFI sources.

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