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Part 15 and Plasma Televisions

Sep 14th 2011, 15:13


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A member asks:

New neighbor's plasma TV is causing RFI to my station. I am causing none to him. I can barely receive on my rig which is a Yaesu FT747GX.

I know of no way to eliminate the emissions from this TV nor it seems does anyone else. Tried calling the Manufacturer to no avail. What are my rights and responsibilities in this situation?
Sep 14th 2011, 15:15


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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A plasma TV, or any TV for that matter, operates under Part 15 of the FCC rules as an “unintentional emitter.” These devices generate RF energy as part of their intended operation but do not intentionally radiate it. Part-15 rules contain two provisions to address interference in these cases.

1. The first is an absolute maximum emissions limit that will not protect against all interference, but which is intended to minimize the likelihood of interference. Manufacturers of Part 15 equipment must meet these requirements.

2. The second provision is that the equipment must be operated in a way that does not cause harmful interference. The operator of the Part-15 device is the one the rules make responsible for correcting any interference that does occur. If it it does, the rules require that any steps necessary be taken, including shutting the device off.

So, while manufacturers of unintentional emitters are required to meet certain specified emissions limits, the limits are high enough that interference can occur in some cases to nearby receivers. If and when such interference occurs from an otherwise legal device, the burden then falls on the device operator to correct the problem or cease using the device. In this case, the operator would appear to be your neighbor.

Obviously, the importance of diplomacy in a case like this cannot be overstated when discussing this with your neighbor. The information contained in this pamphlet is a good place to start. I might also suggest that you print a copy for your neighbor:

There may be a cure in some (but not all) cases for this problem (for instance, the use of common mode chokes, as discussed in a previously in the RFI Forum). Plasma TVs in particular may not have a practical cure in cases that involve direct radiation from the TV. Please see the related RFI Forum topic RFI from Plasma TV for more information.

Note: While the FCC rules can and do protect Amateur Radio from Part 15 devices, filing a complaint should only be used as a last resort. The process can be lengthy, and in many cases, the results may be unsatisfactory to the ham.

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