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Noise Antenna and MFJ-1026

Mar 14th 2017, 23:58


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This may seem like a weird question and idea but here it goes.

I bought the MFJ-1026 and built a noise antenna and it does clean up the noise it can receive without the Modulation. However on 80m even a short antenna seems to receive the modulation before it receives the noise like lightning crashes.

So, my thought is, if I can filter out the modulation off of the noise antenna before I feed it into the MFJ-1026 then I could, perhaps, filter out the lightning crashes.

Is there a way to filter the modulation for a certain passband without filtering out the noise?

This seems counter intuitive as we hams usually want those signals but for the sake of phasing out noise this would be most helpful.

Any advice available would be very helpful.


73, W9KJO
Mar 15th 2017, 16:25


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Static crashes are pulses that are short in the time domain but very wide in the frequency domain. So, no, you really can't filter out the modulation in the frequency domain without filtering out the noise.

You may be able to use a directional antenna to pick up just the lightning crashes but not the modulated signal.

Zack W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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