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Pofung / Baofen GT-3 Mark II TX Audio

Apr 4th 2017, 09:28


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Hi there,

I recently bought a pair of those "china crackers" which I want to use as backups in the office, caravan etc. I was warned before that these items would probably suffer from a bad TX audio quality, what many OM's could unfortunately confirm. So I started to dismantle one of them in order to enlarge the MIC bore a little bit. This workaround was already suggested in a forum for other similar models like the UV3-R and UV5-R along with some elec hardware mods. In addition to the drilling action I thought about correcting the audio frequency (mic) path as it was recommended for the UV5-R. But I had to recognize that the PCB are not the same. Obviously the GT-3 got a new layout for which I could not find any reference schematic or modification guidance.
I would like to know, if the GT-3 also suffers from a flaw like the UV5 and where to find expedient details to master the poor audio quality of these nice little yellows. Any technical exchange on this subject is welcome.
For those who like to get more infos on the UV5-R mod visit the danish MODS.DK. It is in there.
Many Thanks and 73's

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