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18.180 - 18.243MHZ SIGNALS 4/11/2017

Apr 11th 2017, 16:56


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At approx. 1615Z 4/11/2017, I checked 17mtrs to see if it was open. Noticed a VERY STRONG/short duration signal at approx. 18.180MHZ on my Icom Pro III's "fishfinder". Quickly tuned up to it and sig was gone. Shortly thereafter it re-occurred up the band about 18.243MHZ again short duration and approx. 30-40db/S9 on my non-resonant 40mtr shortened dipole (Van Gorden SD-40). Sounds similar (but not exactly same) as a "pulsar". Signal strength sometimes begins at low level then increases rapidly as if turned up by RF POWER OUT control. Each time short duration (5 seconds or so), then a minute or 2 later re-appears on different freq somewhere between 18.180MHZ to 18.243MHZ. Must be VERY CLOSE to me and/or running a LOT of power. Watch your fishfinders in this frequency range and see if anyone else is receiving it. Would like to know WHAT and WHO it is? 73, NT0Y/Orlando, FL U.S.A..

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