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Should I toss my RG-59 coax?

Aug 29th 2017, 06:05


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I am sorting out my odds and ends of cables and components in an attempt to maximize storage space and identify what I have on hand. I haven't been able to find any reason why keeping my RG-59 coax cables would provide some advantage over the miles of RG-6 I also have. Is there any application (other than needing a tighter bend radius) where RG-59 would actually be preferred over RG-6?
Aug 29th 2017, 08:34


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RG-59 is typically preferred if you want attach common UHF or BNC connectors--as far as I know such connectors aren't as easily obtained for RG-6.
RG-59 is more likely to have a copper outer braid which can be easily soldered. But, there are varieties of RG-59 with an aluminum shield like most RG-6.
Zack W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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