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Almost embarrass about today HAM radio

Sep 12th 2017, 12:07


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I have been a Licensed amateur operator for about three and a half years, so this might be my own ignorance. To let you know a little about me and my equipment. I can work HF, DSTAR, DMR, and Fusion. Living on the Central gulf coast one reason I Got Into amateur Radio is to use during hurricanes. Well, being in between the last two hurricanes I searched for DMR talk groups, DSTAR reflectors and really couldn't find anything. But then, using equipment everyone has access to, smart phone, I downloaded Zello and can find anything I want. IMHO, this is almost embarrassment for amateur radio Community. You might say, "Well DMR and DSTAR uses the internet and wouldn't be working when it goes down". Well Zello uses internet and is very Active and is being use to help. I went through hurricane Rita here and never once Lost Internet connection. That was a category 3 storm when it made landfall. Is it just me or is amateur radio losing to new technology? Should I just trade all my radios for a smart phone?
Sep 25th 2017, 09:30


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I wouldn't just yet.

Consider Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. 98% of all cell phone towers were out of commission. As I write this, they are having a communications crisis there, yet Amateur Radio still works.

There are other uses of Amateur Radio beside emergency work.

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