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windmill as a tower

Sep 24th 2017, 21:48


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I am living in eastern Arizona at 7000’ and want to put up my “last tower” (we all say that) for my antennas (10m/6m-DX beam/2m/70cm ground plane) and there are some windmills (30’ steel) around and thought the ladder and platform would be great for serving easily. Besides heavy grounding it ….my question is ….what is your opinion?
Sep 25th 2017, 14:19


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Here is a good post on Windmill Towers for ham work on the Tower Talk reflector. As the post alludes, windmill towers are rarely used by hams.

There seems to be a trend to hire other people to do most, if not all of tower installation these days. Thus, you are likely to hire experts who prefer to use what they know, and will discourage the use of something outside their area of expertise.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer
Oct 13th 2017, 07:07


Joined: Feb 28th 2011, 01:24
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You can contact any windmill manufacturer for wind loading and installation information.
Then you can find out what you need to do to have it installed to regulations for your area.
I sold off my windmill and tower, as I had found out it wasn't safe any more, and used windmill towers don' t last forever.


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