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How to ground a Mac

Sep 29th 2017, 17:47


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For some reason, when I have my MacMini connected via USB to a serial port on my Elecraft K3 transceiver, there is a ground voltage variance that is causing havoc with the transceiver and burning out the choke. I have been advised by Elecraft to effect star grounding scheme with the Mac and the transceiver to an outside ground to alleviate this problem:

"Essentially, all this grounding discussion boils down to:

1) The objective of Star Grounding is to keep all chassis of all gear in the shack at the same voltage level.

2) This is accomplished by connecting the chassis of each device with a single wire and then bringing those wires to one, common connection that then runs to the main ground of the residence. Here's a generic picture of this description - it really appears as a 'star' grounding scheme, no?"

So, how do I attach the Mac to a ground?
Sep 29th 2017, 18:38


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This fellow was destroying microcontrollers with his Mac Mini

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