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Output power

Oct 18th 2017, 03:38


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I have 2 transceivers: a FT890 and and a KENWOOD TS 590(the older model ) and I believe the pep SSB is too low on the 590 as compared with the FT 890. To check, this, I connected a scope across the dummy load connected to the rigs. I then put out a full 100 W CW ( ALC indicated ) carrier and let it display from top to botton on the screen and compared it with a SSB signal driven into ALC. Result: The 890 showed the same peak value across the screen for SSB and CW - but the 590 did not. I cannot remember the exact value right now but maybe 60 or 70% of full scale.

As I have received doubts about the way I measured my question here is: did I right?

73s de Hans SM5KI 59 years on SSB

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