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How I got my dmr MD-2017 to do APRS

Oct 20th 2017, 04:19


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First you have to understand that US Brandmeister servers don't acomodate APRS on DMR. That's just the way it is. If you don't have an openspot you are out of luck. Until US Brandmeister servers get hep to the step.

If you DO have an openspot watch this video (It's in Spanish, but you can figure it out) . Here is what I did. after I followed his setup

THEN logon to your openspot and go to your DMR connector's server drop down box and select the Spain server.

So I set up my California talk group to transmit an APRS with a 900 second interval. That is 15 minutes and no skin off anybody's nose. I called the Calif TG asking for a signalcheck and there was my callsign and Icon showing on the map.

To see how it worked go to APRS.FI and search on KJ6BQM and you can see my trace for 10/20/17 @ 09:30 UTC

NB: Most of the other servers would probably work - except the US ones.

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