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Rover Antennas

Dec 16th 2017, 13:35


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Rules say one station per vehicle, vehicle to transport all equipment of that station. Is it permitted to erect a mast and antenna array not physically connected to the vehicle, but feed by a radio inside the vehicle ? The mast and antennas would be taken down and re-deployed at the next operating location.Does this quailfy as Rover operations, or does this make it a Portable ? If the mast was connected to the vehicle, say through a hitch mount, does it then make it a Rover ? What I would like to do is to mountain top as a Rover on 6, 2 mtrs, and 70 Cm. The array I have is a 5 element quagi for 6 mtrs, 11 element quagi for 2 mtrs, and a 10 element quad for 70 cm all on one 22' boom to sit atop a 20' telescoping mast. Deployed, this can not move on the highways, but it is a killer gain array to work 3 bands with. So the question, does that mast have to phyiscally connect to the vehicle to stay a Rover entrant ?
Apr 6th 2018, 06:02


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2.5.3. Rover vehicles must transport all the equipment, power supplies, and antennas used at each operating site.

There is no rule about equipment being attached to the vehicle.

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