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Clegg 22'er

Jan 30th 2018, 09:27


Joined: Nov 21st 2017, 09:59
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I acquired a Clegg 22'er from my Club's recent auction (operates on the 2m band). They report it is in working order, but I am looking for any assistance in getting it operational. I obtained a copy of the old manual (which is pretty small), I have obtained a couple of (Heath Kit?) crystals that are within the MC ranges listed in the manual, and I have a J-pole 2m antenna on the way.

Is there anybody with prior operating experience on the Clegg 22'er that might be willing to answer the occasional question?

Here is one question:

Speakers: There are two outputs on the back. The manual talks about wiring from one to the other to activate an internal speaker. No wiring is currently attached. Any suggestions on that? Or any suggestions on a simple speaker that would work well with a vintage set like this?


Grant, KD9JWS

(Newly-minted technician's license)

Feb 2nd 2018, 15:49


Joined: Nov 21st 2017, 09:59
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Update: I have managed to fire up my Clegg 22'er on a first test run with some success. It was great!

I managed to figure out an answer to my own (first) question about a wire to complete the connection to the internal speaker. A common RCA connector (or phono connector) did the trick. With that plugged in, the internal speak works just fine.

With a 2m/70cm J-pole attached I fired the set up. The receiver worked fine (with or without crystal).

However, I am still working on figuring out the interplay of the LOAD, TUNE, and DRIVER, dials when transmitting. I believe my transmission signal was very weak. I am sure I making some noob error, but have not figured it out yet.

Any general advice is welcome.

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