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ARRL beginner questions

Jan 31st 2018, 01:29


Joined: Apr 18th 2016, 02:44
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My major question is where do we have to start with the testing? Is
it conceivable that we can start as extra class and not have to take the other tests and be an extra class or do we have to take lower tests prior to getting to extra class?

Al Gilchrist
Jan 31st 2018, 16:16


Joined: Sep 2nd 2003, 12:14
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Hi Al,

You have to take the tests in order, starting with Technician, but many testing groups will allow you to take all the tests in one sitting, as long as you pass each one. Quite a few hams (including myself) have gone from unlicensed to Extra in one exam session.

Mark AI4BJ

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