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Chamberlain garage door openers

Mar 5th 2018, 09:14


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I recently had a new garage built. Two new Chamberlain garage door openers were installed and they make 160m unusable. I suspect that cheap switching supplies inside them are using the leads to the switch by the people door, and the wires to the sensors at the bottom of the doors as antennas. Speaking with the manufacture on the phone was a waste of time. They deny their doors emit RF. I can make the RFI go away if I disconnect the door and sensor leads from the opener. I am trying various combinations of bypass caps and ferrite chokes. So far with marginal success.
Mar 7th 2018, 11:41


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This discussion suggest that the light bulbs installed in garage door openers can cause RFI. If may be worthwhile to investigate that possibility. My garage door opener didn't come with bulbs. Which makes sense, since there are so many things to consider when choosing the best bulbs for a garage. Some garages get too cold.

You will need a lot of inductance for a choke to be effective on 160 meters. 17 turns on an FT240-31 or FT240-43 core works well as an all band compromise. More turns would be better for just 160M.

Zak W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

Sep 25th 2021, 14:00


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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NG0G did you ever solve this? I have the same garage door opener and the same problem. RFI centered at 1650KHz and extending up into 160m band. Mix 31 chokes not really helping.
Thanks! N8JJO

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