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DMR Handheld Mic Motorboating

Jun 20th 2018, 19:53


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I have a DMR handheld (5 Watt) and wish to use a two wire mic and ear piece with my handheld but with the two pin kenwood plug plugged into the handheld and the rubber duck antenna attached I get a lot of motor boating into my transmission.

This is clearly caused by the Time Slot carrier in near proximity to my mic cable. I know this because when I connect an external antenna to my radio, like my dual band antenna on the trunk of my car, the motor boating goes away.

I wish to use a mic/earpiece combo with my DMR handheld. Can someone tell me how to overcome this RFI problem? or perhaps someone knows a handheld mic and ear piece that will not present this RFI.

Thanks for your help.

73, W9KJO, Walter

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