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NIST WWV Time Station Shutdown

Aug 11th 2018, 12:53


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If not posted already, this should concern all radio amateurs.
The new proposed budget for fiscal year 2019 recommends cutting funds for NIST WWV and related stations.
Hams have depended on WWV stations to keep their clocks, many with synchronizing receivers, to keep their clocks accurate.
In addition, many new pieces of modern amateur equipment depend on WWV shortwave stations for calibration of both receive and transmitter frequencies. This should also concern the FCC as it is important to accurately control transmitter frequencies. I know that my Flex Radio transceiver is calibrated using these time signals.

Even many wrist watches, old and new use WWVB radio signals to stay accurate.

I am not only posting this to make sure that hams become aware of this, but in hopes that the ARRL can find some way to help keep these important stations on the air.

The following link reports this and contains another link to the NIST budget document.

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